What should we remember about the two definitive approaches to music?

Nowadays, everyone claims to understand what music is. But to talk about music without using the two definitive approaches is to give an incomplete definition. So discover in the rest of this article the two approaches that give a complete definition of the concept.

The intrinsic approach

This is the very first approach that provides a complete definition of the concept. In fact, according to this approach, music first takes shape in the composer. We will say here that everything comes from the composer. It should be remembered that without the composer, music does not exist. Only then is the sound heard. According to the approach taken here, music has a life of its own in and through nature. For example, there is the music of the water; there is the music of the animals, specifically the birds. In fact, we are talking about music that in no way needs human intervention to come into being. This is, in fact, the simplest version of music.

The extrinsic approach

Here the definition brought is a bit more complex and embraces several points. First, the approach considers music as a projected function. Secondly, here it is also seen as a sociological perception by nature. Going further, it will be said here that music contains all possible meanings within itself. But it is impossible to perceive music in more than one sense. When we allow ourselves to listen to music we can only give it one sense in order to better understand the message it conveys. When this is not done, the music is misunderstood and is ultimately meaningless. Hence there is no reason for it to be. As for example, when we take the music of the birds we listen to, it only has meaning if we give it a qualification that suits us.